New Zealand’s easiest way to update personal details.


New Zealand’s easiest way to provide personal details.

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Provide once. Change everywhere.

What if you had one simple place to input and update your details?

One place. Convenient. Secure. Private. In your hand.

No more paper forms, misdirected mail, painful websites, 0800 numbers, or even remembering who should be told of changes.

KeepMe lets you create personal details, and securely share them with many organisations and people at once. And update everyone at once.

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KeepMe for business

Trouble with managing customer details?
Partner with KeepMe.

With KeepMe, you can securely acquire current personal details, direct from the source.

Cut the cost of manual entry, and out of date details. Improve your accuracy and communication rates.

Don't build yet another information silo — connect to the source.

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KeepMe Privacy

In KeepMe, your privacy is everything.
You alone have 100% personal control.

KeepMe encrypts your stored details so only you can retrieve them.

We have no power to sell, share, or reveal your details. To anyone.