About the company

About us

Personal Information Management Ltd is based in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand.

We’re led by Ross Hughson, former Chief Information Officer at both Westpac NZ, and Inland Revenue. At Inland Revenue, Ross started the voice recognition project many of us now use to make our calls to Inland Revenue quicker and easier. And while there, Ross recognised the terrible inefficiency of every person having to update their information with each organisation, separately. He thought, "there must be a better way!"

That better way is KeepMe. With it, everyone can manage their personal information from one place — privately, securely, and conveniently.

Our Team

ross hughson profile image

Ross Hughson

Executive Director, Founder & CEO

Ross is PIM's founder and visionary. A specialist in information management, Ross was CIO at Westpac NZ, Inland Revenue, and Principal Advisor ICT to the NZ State Services Commission, a NZ government agency.

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Aaron Stewart

Executive Director, Co-founder & Chief Digital Officer

An experienced entrepreneur, Aaron is PIM's co-founder, and KeepMe's principal product architect. Aaron joined Ross in 2012, and leads KeepMe product management.

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Peter Idoine

Independent Director

Formerly Managing Director of Oracle and Sun (respectively) in New Zealand, Peter oversees governance, and facilitates enterprise engagement.

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Rick Kiessig

Chief Technical Officer

Author of Ultra-Fast ASP.NET, unflagging pursuer of performance and reliability, Rick's software has guided NASA to Mars, the Moon, and a comet (and back). Rick is responsible for PIM's technology.

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Ted Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Specialist in software commercialisation and international businesses growth, Ted sold his aviation safety and risk management company to Rolls-Royce. He brings 25 years of strategic management, marketing and finance to PIM.

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Keith Coughtrey

Director of Software Engineering

Keith has a wealth of software development experience, gained at a mixture of large and small organisations, both in New Zealand and the UK. Keith has lead the development of a range of systems, including stock trading, investment banking and retail banking.