Keeping Data Safe

KeepMe Security keeps you in 100% control

Only you can read your details — you're virtually anonymous

The details you enter into KeepMe are stored in our secure storage and sharing system, the PIM Vault (the Vault).

Think of the Vault as being similar to iCloud or Google Drive. There's one major difference: in the Vault, your details are always encrypted. They're unreadable to anyone but you.

Your details are encrypted in the Vault with a unique details key. That key is encrypted, in turn, with your password. And your password is created and stored on your device by your KeepMe app.

So, without your device, no-one can read your details. Even if they somehow gain full access to the Vault, your details remain encrypted, and you're safe.

security read details illustration

You can share your details securely

When you share details with another KeepMe user, you create a copy of your unique details key, and give it to that other user.

So, when Alice wants to share her details with Bob, she copies her own key, and offers the copy to Bob, protecting it so that only Bob can read it.

Once Bob accepts his copy of Alice's key, he encrypts it with his own password. Now, he can also read Alice's details. Alice has her original key, encrypted with her password, and Bob has the copy she gave him, encrypted with his.

security share details illustration

You can stop sharing at any time

An important feature of these keys is that whoever creates them can delete them. This leaves all the power in Alice's hands. If she wants to stop sharing with Bob, she simply deletes Bob's key. He instantly loses access to her details.

Alice is always in 100% control of her details.