Use Cases


Simple information sharing

We all hate filling forms, and we all hate repeating ourselves. KeepMe lets you share your information at the tap of a button, securely and privately. It's your choice what you share, and to whom. It's easy and simple.

Change of address

If you've moved house, you can redirect your mail for a month or two, but you still need to let everyone who has your address know that you've moved. With KeepMe, you can update your address on the day you move — and rest assured that everyone who needs to know that you've moved, does. It's easy and simple.

Easy updates of personal details

Remembering to update organisations and people when your details change is a hassle. KeepMe makes it simple. KeepMe knows who you've already shared with, and lets them know when anything changes. A couple of taps and you're done.

Keeping in contact

When you want to communicate by txt, phone, email, or send that invite to your special day, having the right details for others is important. When your contacts share their details with you in KeepMe, you're always kept up to date, automatically. If anything changes, so do the details you've got. It's that simple.


Data acquisition

If you could make the process of acquiring data simple, painless, and secure, why wouldn't you? Data acquisition through KeepMe will cost you less, and deliver better quality — as well as creating a much better customer experience.

Data quality and currency

Data delivered from a typical form is susceptible to typos, and quickly becomes a static out-of-date record in your system. KeepMe can deliver the data better, keep it updated through changes, and notify you of those changes so that you keep up to date and responsive, as appropriate.

Email bouncing

Bounced email costs money and the opportunity to communicate. With KeepMe helping you manage the accuracy of your records, it's a problem no longer.

'Gone No Address'

Sending physical items into a void is expensive — the direct and indirect costs can easily reach $25 per incident. KeepMe will notify you automatically when addresses change, so that you keep current and your costs are minimised.