Privacy Policy

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KeepMe allows you to securely share your personal profile details with others, and to keep them updated when your details change.

This document, our Privacy Policy, governs how KeepMe ("we," "us," etc.) handles our users ("you," "your," etc.) data both in the KeepMe app itself (the "KeepMe App") and on our website/servers (together, the "Services").

Our Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subject to the KeepMe Terms of Service, so please read both documents carefully. Your use of KeepMe Services indicates your consent to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. If you don't want to be bound by these agreements, you shouldn't use our Services.

We work very hard to preserve your privacy and security, and we do our best to be as transparent as possible in explaining how we use your data in providing our Services. Please contact us if you have any questions at

Our Privacy Practices, in brief

KeepMe has to collect some information from you in order to provide our Services to you, but we do so in a limited, secure way.

We can't see information you give us outside of the immediate duration of a single transaction. A single transaction typically lasts a few seconds or less, although you may have a number of them in a single KeepMe session.

Your information is never stored on disk or similar media by KeepMe servers in an unencrypted form. Because of this, if the data on our database servers was lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, we expect that your data would still be secure. We don't retain, and therefore can't reveal to others, anything about you or your profile, other than some limited metadata, such as the time your account was created, the names of files and folders you have created, the size of those files, a hash of their contents, and so on.

The contents of any unshared file data you store on the KeepMe server (such as your profiles) are not accessible without your username and password. Your user name is stored on the server, but your password is not. The KeepMe system also uses a second and optional third layer of encryption.

When you ask KeepMe to share your data with another user, we do not share your password.

You own your data. We do not share or sell any data about our users. Period.

What Information Does KeepMe Collect and How Is It Used?

You must create a KeepMe account to use the KeepMe App.

User-Provided Information

We collect some limited information from you after you download the KeepMe App in order to allow you to create a KeepMe account, and begin using the KeepMe App:

Your mobile number is how you allow others to contact you via KeepMe.

During the registration process, we send your mobile number to a third-party provider for the purpose of sending you an SMS message with the registration PIN.

As part of the account creation process, the App creates a random, strong password for you. The password is not directly accessible to you; it's stored in the Apple KeyChain, in encrypted form, to allow recovery in the event you delete the KeepMe App from your device. We never store your password on our servers. KeepMe cannot recover a lost password, so if it is lost or destroyed, your account and all of the information it contains will no longer be accessible.

How Your Information is Stored

Information that you deliberately provide using KeepMe is stored in two places: on your phone, and in the KeepMe Service's database.

Information stored on your phone is protected by your physical possession of the phone and related access safeguards provided by Apple, such as your PIN or fingerprint. Data stored on the phone is generally not encrypted, with the exception of your credentials, which are stored in Apple's secure KeyChain.

Information that's stored in the KeepMe Service is only written out in encrypted form. The data encryption key is a long, randomly generated number. The data key itself is also encrypted, using a password that the App generates and provides to the KeepMe Service when it wants to read or write your data. You can have many different data keys, all protected by a single password.

When you share your personal details with another user, the KeepMe Service does that by securely sharing the data key, transparently using a public / private key-based mechanism. This approach means that your data never needs to be stored in unencrypted form, even during the sharing process.

Your Address Book and Contact List

If you have explicitly given the KeepMe App permission to access to your Address Book, some of the information the App finds there can be displayed within the App on your device. However, we consider your contact records to be private, and we protect them accordingly; the full records are not sent to or stored in the KeepMe Service.

To allow you to find your friends on KeepMe, if you have given the App access to your Address Book, it will occasionally automatically ask the KeepMe Service whether the mobile numbers it finds there have KeepMe accounts. To do this, it sends only the mobile numbers, with no additional information.

In addition, if you know someone's mobile number and it's not in your Address Book, you can add them directly to KeepMe and search for them that way. It works the same in reverse, as well, to allow your friends to find you.

The KeepMe Service does not keep or store any of the mobile numbers used for search.


You can invite people you know to join KeepMe. The process involves sending an SMS message from your phone to your contact. The invitation SMS is not sent by the KeepMe service, so your contacts will know that it came from you. A record of the invitation is stored by KeepMe so that you can be notified when your contact joins.


In order to improve KeepMe, we collect analytics about how the App is being used. This may include things like representations of how you move through screens, where you tap on the screen, crash logs, aggregate usage data, and so on. No personally identifiable information is collected in the process.

Push Notifications

After you've created a KeepMe account and begin using the App, we will ask if you want to receive notifications of new KeepMe messages. The way KeepMe uses them, these messages will normally be invisible to you. The underlying service is a function of your mobile device's operating system, so if you enable this feature, your device's operating system's manufacturer will know that you are using the KeepMe App, but will not know anything about how you use it, nor will they be able to see anything you transmit through it.

What Information Does KeepMe Share with Third Parties?

We do not share any user information we have with third parties, with the exception of the third-party services to whom we provide your phone number for the sole purpose of sending you an SMS confirmation during the registration process.

Law Enforcement

We will notify you of any third party requests for your information unless we are legally prevented from doing so. We require a warrant before handing over any data or other information or material. However, because of the nature of our technology, the contents of your communication are undecipherable by us by others, even if obtained.

You Can Delete Your Account

You can delete your account at any time. Once deleted, your account and all information associated with it will be irrevocably removed--the process cannot be reversed or undone. If you wish to delete your KeepMe account, go to KeepMe Settings, Account, tap "ForgetMe," and confirm.

If you delete your account, your profile data is removed from the KeepMe App and service, and can no longer be accessed by others. In addition, we will attempt to remove details you've shared through KeepMe from the devices of those with whom you previously shared it (although we can't guarantee everything will be removed).

Data Retention

We make regular backups of the data stored on our servers. Those backups may be geo-redundant. We retain them as long as required to ensure continuity of service in the event of hardware or software failures.

We Are Serious About Security

The confidentiality of your information is a top priority for us. As described above, we have designed our system so that we retain the least possible sensitive information about you.

We provide physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect any readable information we do process and maintain. For example, we limit access to this information to authorized employees who need to know that information in order to operate, develop, or improve our Services.

No sensitive information is in the clear: we take much greater than usual efforts (as described herein) to ensure that anything personal we store is not readable by us, or by anyone else. So, even in the unlikely event of a security breach, our goal is to expose zero information about you.

Customer Service

Any information provided to us when you request customer support (such as an email address) will be used to respond to that individual request and may be logged (outside of the KeepMe service) as part of our effort to improve our customer service and solve any product-related issues.

We Can Change This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will post the updated Privacy Policy here, along with information about what has changed. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

Applicable Law

Personal Information Management Ltd is located in New Zealand. As such, both the processing and handling of your data, and your interactions with us, are subject to New Zealand law.

You are responsible for complying with any laws or regulations in your country that govern use of applications and services like KeepMe.

Contact Us if You Have Questions

If you have questions regarding privacy related to using our Services, or have questions about our practices, please contact us at